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A fantastic blend of fat Club Beats, Pop Sounds and African Riffs producing an electrifying cocktail, 100% good mood. Foulaa System is the new face of modern African music. In Germany, Foulaa System considers itself to be the first true representative of the music genre called: Afro Pop.
It’s a unique global pop music that won’t let you sit still.

As friends for many years, they both have solo careers. Daveman is touring as an aspiring reggae-hip-hop artist in Europe and Alain Missala, a soul, RnB and gospel singer is giving many live concerts in churches and clubs. After a meeting in Berlin in 2011 they decided to lay the foundation stone of a new musical movement based on their African roots and their modern environment. This is the birth hour of Foulaa System.

Daveman, who besides being a singer and rapper produces under the name “Step Forward Studio“, provides the musical framework for their unique style. He completes this explosive duo with catchy hooks and energetic Rap and Ragga lines. On the guitar, Alain Missala and other musician friends create typical African melodies. His masterful vocal art, allows him to use his voice in a flexible manner in different registers; sometimes singing mystically deep, sometimes melodiously and high with great sensitivity.

The name Foulaa System has been derived from a nomadic tribe in West Africa, the Fulani. Just as the Fulani don’t belong to any country and wander around, the music that inspires Foulaa System is primarily rooted in African guitar riffs, based on pentatonic scales reproducing melodies from all over Africa. Charged with clichés and plenty of wit, the two sing mainly in French and in English, and of course in African languages like Pidgin, Bambara, Banen, Douala and Youruba about typical African issues.

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